This is a man who has been through different experiences in his life and does not allow those experiences to limit or define him. The lessons learned from his past humbles him rather than him dwell on the insecurities or in the fears of those experiences. Yaw looks at life not wanting to define it, judge it or to put it in a box. He sees through it all and has rather chosen to find and appreciate the good in life anyway.Bondze


“Dave good morning. I see a lot of people talking about their experiences with lecturers in their respective universities, and I’d love to talk about mine, but kindly hide my identity. I really did not see myself as one of the overly beautiful ladies a guy would fall for at a first glance. And why would they? I’m petite and not curvaceous like most of my friends. I knew of people who were being chased by lecturers. Some fell prey to their charms and those who didn’t always trailed the subject two or three times before they passed.

My mum told me I had to graduate with a Second Class Upper and that was a Herculean task because of the course I was reading. It really was difficult. My Class dropped from Second Upper to Lower when I was in my second year. I was frustrated and it seemed the more I studied, the more my grades fell. A friend of mine suggested I talk to one of the lecturers and do all I could to bring my Class to Upper. But which lecturer was I going to talk to? I was free with a lot of them and they saw me as their friend or daughter, and so I knew that plan was going to fail.

Fast forward to when I got to final year. I just needed a few points to move to Second Class Upper. We had some new lecturers and one of them took interest in me. He would call me after lectures to take his books to his office, call me on phone in the evening and talk about everything and anything. I’d be in my room and a delivery guy would bring me food or a parcel from him. I even helped him move into his new apartment; I even picked the paint colors! This man never made a pass at me, Dave. I was surprised at his behavior and didn’t understand the attention I was getting from him, and so I asked why he was doing all those things. Was he setting me up to fall into his trap or what?

He never gave me any answer and just smiled. He never stopped the attention even when I told him I wasn’t comfortable with it. I stopped picking his calls, skipped a few of his classes but he never stopped giving me attention. There was a time I genuinely couldn’t go for his class because I wasn’t well. This guy came over to my hostel to visit! Dave, I graduated with my Second Class Upper and it wasn’t even his course that gave me the marks I needed. I asked him once again why he was giving me all the care and attention and he said, he felt I needed it.

Dave, he knew I needed a few points to move to an upper class but never once did he take advantage of it. He was a friend and still is one of the best friends I have. We still talk and I still enjoy the attention he was giving me when I was in University. Dave, not all the lecturers are that despicable. Some are really loving and caring.”

David Bondze (DB): This is beautiful

KA: Very. And during all those times he was doing this, he was divorced.

DB: I am going to share this on my website. It’s breathtakingly sweet

KA: So, you see how easily he could have gotten me if he wanted? I needed points and he was lonely.

DB: Exactly!

KA: But he never did. I even omitted some of the things because he’s an avid reader and he’ll easily know it’s him. I told him I was going to tell you though and he forbade me from doing so.

DB: Hehehehe

KA: And he’s still a divorcee, single and hasn’t even made a move. He’s one person I can sleep on the same bed with and feel safe because I know he’ll never make any move.

DB: And, are you single?

KA: Yea

DB: Such men are rare. I think he will ask you out someday. He’s a fine gentleman

KA: Lol… He knows my answer already if he should ask. And yes! Such men are rare. He’s so much into my welfare and has been pushing me to do my masters koraaaa. I told him I was tired and was taking a break.

DB: Lol!

KA: He stopped talking to me for three months. Said I was becoming lazy. So, I told him I would consider it.

DB: Lol!

KA: Such people are rare, Dave.

DB: He is rare, and beautiful at heart

KA: Most lecturers take advantage of students, yes! But some become your rock when you least expect. I got my rock and best friend.

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