Will give it all up

Some of us have become so busy in life that, we’ve allowed the lot to distract us from getting around to the very things and people we’re not supposed to be taking for granted. At the back of our minds, we know we’re neglecting the very people we’re to make a priority in our lives. We know this, yet we’re keeping busy to never get around to it. – Bondze


“I was happily married for some time, then I started to question whether my wife was the right person for me or not. We were young when we settled. Two love birds head over heels in love. We started our family at a young age. Sex with my wife was good. Luckily for me, I had married a woman who truly wanted to be intimate with me, so it was a plus. I didn’t realize it then but I thought along those lines whenever we had a fight or a huge misunderstanding. I would wonder if she was my soulmate or we probably just rushed into the marriage. I have come to realize that, I wasn’t particularly committed to her after I started creating those reasons to not appreciate her in my life. I wasn’t finding my wife attractive anytime I stopped acknowledging her effort. I guess that’s what made me feel so attracted to my current girlfriend. I thought everything was fine at home. I always assumed my wife would be there for me and the children through thick or thin. I lived with that assumption till my wife sent me this text one morning,

“Sammy, you’re losing me”

It’s been 4 years since I received that text, and that has been her last text message to me. We talk, but on phone or face to face. I miss getting home to her, and she looking up with a smile whenever I enter the room, always maintaining eye contact as she welcomes me back home. I am currently in a relationship with a good woman, but I miss my wife, Dave. I miss how important she made me feel. She valued me in ways I am now beginning to appreciate. She made life very easy for me though I compared her to other women. My girlfriend is married, and I am happy she believes her husband is a great guy. She’s not leaving him for me. We have only agreed on how our relationship should work. I like what I have with her, but I am willing to give it all up for my wife.

My wife is a follower of you page. I got to actually know about you through her. I’m not sure why I am sending you this message, but I am hoping she will get to see this. I was wrong to have lied to her constantly. I was wrong to have caused her pain. Our 3 yr old son died because I was in a hurry to leave the house to go be with my girlfriend. Because she’s a family woman, we don’t meet regularly. She wanted an impromptu meet to fuck, and I couldn’t let it go. My wife wanted to spend time with me but I chose the other lady over her.  We had an argument because I was lying about where I was going. I drove out of the house, left the gate opened and my son was hit by a motorist.

My wife is seeing a guy younger than me. She’s not filed for divorce. I haven’t filed. We live in the same house but in different bedrooms, both doing whatever we want. I don’t have a plan to keep my family together. I don’t know how the future is going to be for us in this marriage. Our families and friends do not know about our separation. At the moment, we are just housemates, raising our children, sharing bills and living separate lifestyles. I wish my wife could forgive me and come back to our bedroom. I will give it all up just to have her back.

I will give it all up.”

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