Well deserved selfishness

I was in a good marriage and I knew my husband. I know how he acts when he is mad, sad or excited or happy. I know when he is angry, stressed or tired. I always see it when he is bored or even hungry.

I know my man. But when he started to act out of character, which I doubt her realized it, I could no longer understand why his once predictable actions and routines and even behaviours started to switch.

I knew something was going on. Something told me he was cheating. Something also told me to pay attention to the details. I got the proof of his affair and even witnessed him sleep talk to her on our bed at dawn, asking her to ride on his dick in different styles.

He was naked and all hard and was using both his hands in his sleep to direct her imaginary body moving up and down. He mentioned her name in the sleep talk and was smiling throughout. He started lying about why he had to be out or stay out late.

He was acting distant but trying to make it up when he was home. He made me think it was all in my head because he starts to be cleaning his tracks so I wouldn’t have proof of anything. Due to that, I also made a slight U-turn.

I wasn’t into anything physical with my jaunt, but there was an emotional connection. The man I was chatting on the side is a multi-millionaire.

He was also having issues with his wife and he looked my way. He expressed interest though I told him I am married. We agreed to keep in touch even if there is no intimate relationship. We have been friends for 9 years and my husband knows about our friendship.

Prior to my husband’s knowledge, we had spent time together in the same hotel room and a few times in his other private homes. I’d cook; lie in the same bed with him holding each other but without sex or kissing or anything oral. We talked about boundaries and we are both adhering to it. Because he values our friendship, he has given me the opportunity to make one big request for anything.

He cited examples to give me an idea of his offer, 1 million cedis, house, car, or anything I needed. He has given me that honour to ask and it will be given without hesitation, all because I have been the truest friend he has ever had who hasn’t been after what I would gain from him.

It’s been 6 years since he gave me that chance but I haven’t asked for anything yet. He reminds me almost every week if I’m not going to request for that one gift. Fast forward, my husband’s mother needs surgery urgently and he is asking me to ask for the $34000 from my millionaire friend to save his mother. Dave, I love my mother in-law, but this one-time request is for me. I don’t feel like using it to save someone else. I want to use it when my own life is on the line.

My husband doesn’t know about the offer he has given me. All he knows is, he’s my friend and he likes me. When I told my husband I wouldn’t go to my friend for money, he called me wicked and selfish. Am I wicked and selfish for looking out for me and my children?

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