We have come a long way

His love for his wife didn’t just mature and flourish because he dressed up or made himself up. He SHOWED UP for her. And he’s been fully present in her presence – even in their absence. They are there for each other. After all, when the love is genuine, the best thing one can offer is their presence. -DBM


LB: 12 questions

David Bondze (DB): Thank you. How old are you?

LB: 47 years

DB: How did you meet your wife?

LB: Had gone to buy from her

DB: Oh, ok. Lol! What about her made her stand out and not blend in?

LB: Her slimness and height

DB: At what point did you realize that – you were that much into her?

LB: After a week

DB: Oh, wow! How long did you date?

LB: About two years

DB: Were you into premarital sex with her, and or with another?

LB: No! Kinda, no sex thing

DB: I see. How did you propose marriage?

LB: I realized we had feelings for each other. But honestly, her dad played a part. He wanted us to legitimize the relationship

DB: Father-In-Law approved of you that early? You might be that good of a man with character. What was going through your mind, 4 days to your marriage/wedding ceremony?

LB: Money, money, more money. Money makes everything successful

DB: Indeed! Would she still be your choice of a wife in the next world?

LB: Definitely, we have come a long way

DB: Have you cheated on your wife before? If yes, why did you cheat? If no, do you see yourself cheating on her sooner or later – in your marriage?

LB: No, and I don’t see myself cheating. She is everything I want in a woman

DB: Awwww! How do you feel any time you set your eyes on her?

LB: Truth be told, she makes me slightly nervous, albeit loving… Just because I feel blessed or should I say, privileged to be hers

DB: Awwww… I can only imagine. If you had to compose your own new vows to her, what would you say?

LB: …… Husband and wife forever we live in health and love

DB: I appreciate your candor. Thank you very much

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