I need your help Mr.Mbir. My brother is the photocopy of our father. I am not talking about in black or white. Dave, he is ruthless and can be vengeful. He is the upgrade version of our Dad. When we were at the University, he promised to hit it at where it would painfully hurt our father for taking our mother for granted. He left our mother for a girl of my age. I am worried because my brother managed to find the whereabouts of the lady and has been having sex with her too.
My brother has a good job and earns so much. He is married to a lovely woman and they have a beautiful family.

But because of vengeance, he has been able to lure my father’s other woman and impregnated her. He dumped her after she was 5 months pregnant. My Dad thinks it’s his. I need your help because after my brother denied responsibility for the pregnancy, the lady went ahead to give the pregnancy to my Dad. And my brother wants to tell my Dad they had both been eating from the same cookie.
I don’t know the kind of World War this incident would create between my brother and father. I also fear it will damage his marriage to my in-law, since she has no idea about what had gone on. My brother has no feelings for my father’s girl. He just wanted to hurt our father. My brother and I are very close so I know a lot about his plans. What do I do?

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