Unsatisfied women

Dave, I want to share something small about the issue of unsatisfied women. I have been married for five years.

There are days I am stressed and my wife want sex and there are days I want it badly and my wife is not in the mood. These two circumstances can cause premature ejaculation.

After studying my wife for a some time, I got to know my wife “cums” early when her clitoris is stimulated. So before I penetrate, I spend time stimulating her clitoris and when she is about coming, I penetrate her.

This makes her “cum” before I come. I think it’s selfish on a man’s part to be sexually satisfied whiles his partner is not. The problem is most people feel shy to communicate before or during sex, on what they want in sex. If both partners communicate well, our women won’t be sexually unsatisfied.

Also there are some women and men who are used to watching porn and masturbation, and it’s very difficult to satisfy such women. It takes short time to satisfy themselves than a man trying to satisfy them. A man can even do 30 minutes but still they won’t be satisfied but it will take less than 5 minutes to satisfy themselves.

Unlike women, a man who is used to porn and masturbation ejaculate very early and can even do under 1 minute. Porn and masturbation is affecting many relationships and I will advise those in it to stop. Dave, it’s a big issue we are discussing.

But I will advice men who can’t satisfy their women to go for a German sexual enhancer called PROCOMIL and England made, MAN UP. They are safe and available at all pharmacies.

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