Unnecessary jealousy

Hi Dave, please conceal my identity. I’m a broadcaster and married with a child.My wife is kind, loving and hardworking. She is really content with what we have and she doesn’t compare herself to her peers. She is a graduate but not formally employed.

She does her personal business which has just started. Our child is a year old and very adorable and lovely. I really love my family, however; something is pushing me away from the house.

She likes nagging and extremely jealous to the extent she wants to know who calls and texts me. She wakes up in the middle of the night to go through my messages and calls to pick up quarrels on female contacts who call or text me.

I have explained severally to her to desist from such acts because they were pissing and pushing me away from her. This woman says hell no! So I have decided to lock my phone with a code and fingerprint which she has since been fighting me.

Regardless, she has found her way into my phone! I have explained that, per the nature of my work, I’m exposed to sensitive and privileged information with strict confidentiality.

But she wouldn’t understand. This development started after I married her. I’m getting fed up with this repeated harassment about phone calls. I don’t pick calls in her presence. She even searches my car when I’m asleep. She doesn’t trust me.

Her actions have therefore made the house uncomfortable for me. She gets angry when we are out and female friends approach or I approach them in public. The bottom line is,she is unnecessarily jealous. How can I deal with her? Her actions have cost me a lot in my line of duty and I can feel I’m losing focus on what I do.

My concern is also about our child. I don’t want the child to grow in such an environment of confrontation. My child is innocent and shouldn’t suffer this growing up.

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