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Hello David, please help a brother. My cousin has a lot of contacts in very high places. Some of us know how she has managed to keep some of these men in her pocket because she sleeps with most of them or she had known them in that way in the past. She doesn’t work like some of us do, but she owns two buildings and drives the best of cars. She is the baby mama of two very prominent public figures in the country. She is a beautiful woman.

I was in need of urgent help in 2017 and she used one of her big men to connect me to get a $150,000 contract I had been chasing for a year. Boss, as a thank you gesture, I gave my cousin GH¢10,000 . She was very grateful and was even telling me it was too much. I gave all of it to her all the same. Two months later, she called me to ask for a loan of GH¢45,000 to be paid back in 9 weeks. We are in February, 2021 and she has still not paid my money. I used to be shy to ask her for it but I am desperately in need of the money. I have asked her many times but she doesn’t think I should have a right to ask her for it because she has been the reason I got the deal in the first place.

Mr. Dave,is this fair? Why are people like this? I don’t understand why she is treating me this way. When she needed the money, I quickly arranged it for her. Why is she not using the same speed she used to beg for the money to pay back? I am not even taking interest on the money. Is that how family should be.







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