Under 5-minute men

Mr. David, good morning, I read a post from the man who says he can’t go beyond 2 minutes.

I think my husband is between 4 to 5 minutes. It’s not only him because it just occurred to me that, the exes I had dated all couldn’t go beyond 5 to 6 minutes. I have dated an over 50 years old man and he could do 6 minutes.

I have dated an over 40 years old and he could do 5 minutes or less. I have also dated a 30-year-old and in fact, he was a macho man. He couldn’t go beyond 5 minutes. I have dated a potbelly and he was even worse.

I did not marry a virgin, so I know market. I dated slim, short, and tall and they were all below or 5 minutes. I am worried because I am beginning to think most men can’t do 6 minutes and above when they penetrate. Most women I know say the same thing. Some of my friends who are happily married say same.

Sex with this modern-day man is nothing to dream about. We are with men because of marriage, children or the benefits we get. It has nothing to do with sex.

Dave, ask the men on your page if they are better performers in bed, or ask their women. Why can’t men of this age perform magnificently in bed?

And why don’t they humble themselves too? My husband’s side chick is my friend. He doesn’t even know the aunty of his side chick is my friend and I had an arrangement with the girl in order to earn something to survive.

She also keeps a side chick to make it up after my husband is gone because she doesn’t climax when my husband is in bed with her.

I think the lack of excitement in our bedroom has killed whatever I once had for my husband. I want to try another man but I feel they are all the same. Today’s man sucks in bed.

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