Uncle with sex positions

Hello David, how are you? First and foremost, I think I might be overacting but I want to ask to be sure I am.

My wife was raised by a man she calls her Uncle, though I later found out that they are not blood-related. He took care of her and her siblings when their parents died.

In other words, they were staying with him and his family. When I met my wife, she introduced me to her family and it seemed like it was only her “mother” and siblings who were excited about her decision. My wife is a very beautiful woman so I was also surprised she was single as at the time we met.

Fast forward, her “Uncle” gave her hand in marriage to me and it’s been two years already. The man talks to her every day on phone, text and WhatApp.

I wasn’t initially concerned about it till the man invited me to his office the other day. He educated me on what turned his daughter on, which sex position she liked and how long I had to thrust her and go deeper before “Cumming”.

It was an unpleasant conversation but we had it man to man. He asked me how long I last in penetrative sex and I said 5 to 7 minutes.

Dave, that has always been my longest and I am a strong guy in bed. He told me to try to get to 15 minutes since he can even clock 15 minutes at his age. He said that would give my wife proper orgasm. He told me I needed to be the man.

I am thinking about a lot of things that I don’t want to think about. I am going crazy to be thinking of what is going on in my head.

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