Tried and tested

So you may be also just ‘friends’ with that lady or gentleman, and are just ‘fooling’ around. Of course, no strings attached, you both know that. But the more time you keep spending on phone ‘fooling’ and texting with them builds a bond you both aren’t sure of. The bond develops into a relationship and the thought of knowing them intimately begins to flash on the mind. If your beloved spouse isn’t cheating on you, and your friend’s partner isn’t also cheating on them, then who is doing all of the cheating? – DBM


OV: Hello David.

David Bondze: Hello, Sir.

OV: How do you do?

DB: How do you do!

OV: Can we chat, please?

DB: Sure! What’s up?

OV: My wife set me up and used the aftermath to separate from me.

DB: Why would your wife set you up?

OV: I don’t know. I am guessing she did not trust me all along.

DB: Hmmm!

OV: I’m very disappointed in her.

DB: What did she do?

OV: I became intimate with a lady I thought I had accidentally, bumped into at two different locations/occasions, and had become very close friends with. Apparently, my wife had paid her to show up at both venues – to catch my attention.

DB: How old are you?

OV: 38 years.

DB: And, how long have you been married?

OV: Six years.

DB: I see.

OV: I love my wife very much, Dave. I promised to love her and I had been doing just that.

DB: As far as I am concerned, guys will always be alike in their promises. It’s only in our deeds that we differ.

OV: What do mean by that?

DB: No, never mind. So tell me, did your wife confess to paying the other lady to be in your life?

OV: Yes!

DB: Oh, she did? And what was her reason?

OV: To prove a point, that I was not trustworthy.

DB: Hmmm!

OV: Does this make any sense to you?

DB: Are you trustworthy?

OV: Dave, I am. Or at least, I try to be.

DB: So, why couldn’t you pass the test?

OV: Which test?

DB: You said she set you up. Why didn’t you prove her wrong by not cheating on her?

OV: Have you been listening to all that I have been saying? The lady was in my life to seduce me, and send proof to my wife for money.

DB: Was a gun held to your head to have sex with her?

OV: You know you’re a very biased man? You are always defending these women.

DB: I’ve not mounted any defense schemes. I am just asking questions.

OV: Smh!

DB: Do you have any kids?

OV: No!

DB: You had the choice to or not to sleep with the other woman, regardless of how she came into your life.

OV: My wife is using my mistake to see another man. I’m also thinking she had been waiting for me to slip, so she could love someone else.

DB: That’s just one theory.

OV: I love my wife. I’m just surprised she’s not taking her time to see my heart.

DB: You’re still married to your wife, right?

OV: I am, but she moved out.

DB: To where?

OV: She had a house of her own before moving in with me.

DB: I see. Had you cheated on her before this set-up or whatever you call it?

OV: I had an affair, but had ended it to live right by her.

DB: And, did she know about that affair?

OV: She used to question me about it, but I denied it until I ended things with that lady, to focus solely on my wife.

DB: Okay!

OV: Don’t you also agree she erred paying that other woman to come into my life to prove a point?

DB: I don’t know. But she should have trusted you enough.

OV: What do I do now? Because I know she’s seeing another man.

DB: What do you know about that other guy?

OV: Nothing. But I know she’s sleeping with him.

DB: You have proof of that?

OV: Not yet.

DB: Have you spoken to your wife?

OV: She wouldn’t talk to me. I try calling her every day.

DB: Hmmm!

OV: I don’t want to let her go. She’s a good woman.

DB: How long has it been since she left?

OV: Three months

DB: Oh, wow! So, what is different about you now?

OV: I don’t understand you question.

DB: Are you a better man now since she left?

OV: I have always been a good man.

DB: Who would leave a good man then?

OV: I don’t know. I just made a mistake.

DB: Well, I’d suggest you allow your wife to find some relief from you.

OV: I should allow her to also be with someone else?

DB: No! Just allow her time. She needs space, give it to her.

OV: What if she falls in love with someone else?

DB: You can only do so much. What would be would be. So use the moment to grow your character

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