As a result of my parents breaking up when I was just about 5 years, I spent my formative years living with some relatives. I stayed with a particular Aunt more than the other relatives so she is more like my mother. I remember using her name as my mother when I used to write essay in school. When I had my first son, I named him after my Aunt’s partner, though they were not married but stayed together for many years. This was done in recognition of her support to me rather than the man. The man was the father figure, though my upkeep was mainly of my Aunt’s.
My son is a teenager now but upon so many reflections in recent times, I have decided to change his name by taking the man’s name off my son. The reasons are that he was not officially married to my Aunt and as such not recognized in our family.

They broke up because he was dating multiple women and I don’t want my son growing up to bear such character. This is based on our belief that you pick up traits of the one you are named after.
He has never for once even done something to show his recognition of such honor  bestowed on him. Usually an occasional gift to the one bearing your name is to be appreciated. I haven’t discussed this with anyone yet. I have had this strong feeling in recent times. Kindly ask your audience what they feel about this if they happen to be in such a position. I will take a firm decision based on how the suggestions appear. Thank you.

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