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Mr. Mbir, you are doing a great thing on Facebook. Some of us see what you have dedicated a part of your time to do and we are grateful. I started following you 5 months ago because my wife talks about your posts a lot in the house. I want to share my own story today. I was reading from comments some of the ladies had posted that, it’s unwise for a woman to help a broke man. David, it is not every broke man that pays good with evil. I am one of such men who earn about US$2000 and other benefits in Ghana.

Whereas, 9 years ago I was driving my wife’s Taxi to earn a living. I was unemployed. I had a degree but couldn’t find a job. I applied to hundreds of vacancies and not one called to arrange for an interview. Mr. Dave, I was 38 years living with my cousin. I am the first born of my family and I have 4 other siblings. My mother is a single parent with no degree. The hustle was real and I was supposed to do something to help them.

Dave, I got a call from my former course mate who is now my wife.The company she worked with had rejected all applications for the advertised vacant position because they thought the candidates didn’t qualify. She saw my CV in the rejected mails and reached out to me. I was surprised she remembered me because it had been many years after school. I use to help her with assignments and we were in study groups together those times. We talked on phone and I told her about my plight. She owned two cars and suggested we got one sprayed for commercial use till I got a job. Whatever sales I made, she split it into two, gave me half and took the half.

We had our traditional marriage in progress; I got my Master’s degree, found two jobs before this new one with a US organization in Ghana.My children call me “Taxi” because that’s the name they hear their mother call me, “Taxi” and I love it. My mother calls me taxi because she knows the background of my story. She loves my wife so much; I cannot afford to let these women down. She kept our story from her mother but my mother-in-law also calls me Taxi. I still use the Alfa Romeo Giulia, not as a taxi anymore but as my personal vehicle.

I paid for the cost of it in full and gave the money to my wife. Mr. Dave I know my daughter will grow up expecting certain kind of respect and honor from the men she would be involved with. I need to give her a foretaste of what it feels like to love her and her mother. She needs to understand she deserves a faithful man because I am faithful to her mother. She needs to be deserving of respect and attention because I respect and give her and her mother the needed attention.

Since my wife first contacted me and I knew she was single, I vowed to be faithful to her. When I was doing my Masters and looking handsome, well fed, dressed and built, her close friends were making advances towards me. I stayed faithful to her. My new crop of female friends liked me, made advances towards me, I stayed faithful to her. And I had just one reason; I have had great memories of my wife’s kindness, care, friendship and love.

She was there for me when all those women now lusting after me would have not seen me 10 years ago. I am never going to let any one bad situation between me and my wife negate all the good she’s been to me. So I am acting the role. I don’t get the sex I dreamed of, and I have every reason to get it out there but I am not. Because the love I have for my wife weights and not in a rush to feel good. She made sacrifices rather than indulge.

The love I have for my wife is extravagant. Mr.David, I am always thinking about how to make my wife feel loved and happy even when she is not thinking about my needs. I am always pursuing her instead when other women are pursuing me. That is how I know I am a good man and will be true to my wife. She is all I want to believe I have got. And I am content and well pleased. Please tell the women looking for good men that, there are good men in Ghana. Better men than I am. So no woman should settle for less. No man should too.Look beyond the physical for something real.


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