The risk I took

This life we live – we all know is short, but at the same time intense. This couple encourages us not to allow FEAR of the unknown to hold us back from pursuing that ‘something dear to our hearts.’ Kofi tapped into his audacity and took a walk into the unknown with an open heart. He took the risk that ignited his interest, and though scary, pursued the agenda with his all.

Let’s breathe in strength and breathe out a new undertaking. – DBM


“David, I have been inspired by reading people’s love stories and I feel motivated to share mine with your lovely friends. I met my wife through one of these Social Media platforms. She was a friend to one of my close relatives. After sending her a friend request, I left a very passionate note – asking her to get in touch for ‘a discussion’.

I was then doing my Masters outside the country. I read through her profile and got to know she was also a graduate student waiting for her National Service posting. We got to know each other and we eventually became friends. To make the story short, I got to know she was really ‘The ONE’.

I proposed to her and told her, if she believed that I am a “potential rich and great man” in future, then she should marry me, because I didn’t have anything then. (I was a student; and besides, paying my tuition was a problem. And at the same time, I desired to love, and also, build a life together with my future wife). She gathered her National Service allowance and contributed to my tuition, even when we didn’t know each other. All this time, everything was just happening online.

A year after I decided to follow my heart and come to Ghana to marry her, I had gotten the permission from my parents to go ahead with my decision: The ‘knocking’ was done on my behalf. Meeting her at the airport was full of expectations. I remember on the flight, I was imagining all sorts of things, hehehe. Finally, we met and from her first speech, I knew God hadn’t disappointed me.

Wow! What an intelligent lady she is. Her parents made it so simple for me to be able to afford the marriage rite and the wedding, of which I believe she had influenced. Two (2) weeks later, I left her to come and prepare for my final exams and thesis defense. Right after graduation, I got the opportunity to pursue my Doctorate and I applied in the same school for her to pursue her Masters. We were roommates in the dormitory even though the school didn’t allow couples.

A lot of doors and opportunities opened right after she became my wife. Here we are today, graduating together, she being MSC Natural Resource and environmental engineer, and myself, PhD in Applied Economics. Women indeed are blessings to a Man’s life, if we handle them with love and care!

It’s my wish your lovely followers would join me to say a very big THANK YOU to my lovely wife, for coming into my life.”

Kofi A


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