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His primary consideration is for himself though he’s just not realizing it. That’s why he can easily lie and keep this secret from his wife without any remorse or regret, because it’s getting him what he wants. It’s being said a lot of the time that, guys naturally would want to have sex with other people. So when the opportunity arises, they take it without thinking twice. Is the sacrifice to be monogamous for all? Because a lot of men tend to rather see it as something to be dodged and worked around instead. -DBM


TQ: Dave, hello.

David Bondze (DB): Hi. How are you doing?

TQ: I am fine. How are you, boss?

DB: I am doing alright, thanks.

TQ: I am cheating on my wife with a married woman.

DB: For how long now?

TQ: For the past Three (3) and half years.

DB: How long have you been married?

TQ: Almost Eight (8) years next months.

DB: Kids?

TQ: Yes Dave. I have two kids with my wife.

DB: I see.

TQ: I’m not proud of this decision, but it’s sustaining my marriage and also, home.

DB: How so?

TQ: Though it initially started as a trade, I have bonded with this other woman in a way I haven’t experienced, yet, with my wife. Sex with my wife isn’t so exciting. This other woman excites me in bed.

DB: Explain the trade bit.

TQ: She’s a young woman, married to a rich older man. She doesn’t enjoy the sex with her husband. She says, the man tries so hard to be ‘young’ and do stuffs meant for young men in bed, and it’s a turn-off for her. She doesn’t orgasm with the husband.

DB: Hmmm! And, how old is this ‘old’ man?

TQ: I think he is 49 or 50 years.

DB: And, that is defined ‘old’?

TQ: Well … You know these young people and their need for variety and better game.

DB: How old are you?

TQ: 37

DB: And the other lady you’re seeing?

TQ: 31

DB: I see.

TQ: Hmmm.

DB: Okay! About the trade…

TQ: Oh, yes, so she visited my firm with a friend to make enquiries and we couldn’t stop stealing glances at each other. That’s how it started.

DB: And the trade?

TQ: I needed some money to sort some businesses out, and she offered financial assistance. By then, we had been chatting and I had found out about her dissatisfaction with her husband. She had been tolerating him and had been cheating with different men over the years. After the birth of her first kid, she decided to stop the sleeping around, and find one guy to click with. Her husband travels a lot to work, so we get to find time for us.

DB: I see.

TQ: I work, I own my own business. However, things weren’t moving. She helps me a lot with some of the money her husband makes available to her. I also sort her out with good sex.

DB: I see.

TQ: I fell in love with her last year. She’s in love with me too. I am in love with my wife, so no need to ask me that question. She likes her husband too. He makes life comfortable for her and her family. She’s ok with her life now.

DB: I see.

TQ: We’ve purchased an apartment together, so we get to meet there a few days in a week.

DB: Tell me a little about your wife.

TQ: I love her. She’s kind, smart, thoughtful, a good mother to the kids, very humble and God-fearing. She’s hardworking, decent and sexy.

DB: How do you think she would feel, should she find out?

TQ: She wouldn’t find out.

DB: How do you?

TQ: I know her. I am doing this on careful calculations, so she will never find out. I show her and the kids so much love, she’d have no reason to doubt me.

DB: I see.

TQ: Yes. It’s not right, but that’s what it is at the moment.

DB: Will you be okay if she also cheats on you?

TQ: She wouldn’t.

DB: Smh!

TQ: I know my wife. She’s too ‘Christian’ and a lady, to want to cheat on her husband. She respects me. Secondly, the kids keep her busy. With women, if you’d want to have your freedom as a man to do other things, just get her pregnant, and you’d have close to two years to sort yourself out. Women are careful with pregnancy and kids.

DB: So, what’s the end game with the other woman?

TQ: It’s a relationship we have developed recently, so it’s still young to tell the end game. We are both happy, and that’s what is important. We get what we want out of it.

DB: Thank you for the chat.

TQ: It’s not easy, Dave. We keep making the wrong choices, hoping to someday, get back on track to be better examples for our kids.

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