The BEST I could ask for

This whole art of co-existing in peace is what this couple have been up to. She looks gorgeous before him; he cannot take his eyes off her. And because she respects the individuality of her husband, he adores her. She respects his desires, and so she’s become a wonderful wife in his eyes. Though married for years, he sees his wife, always, as his dream girl. – DBM


“Hello David!

I want to tell you about my relationship. What can I say about my Jemima? She’s everybody’s daughter, sister, friend, auntie, niece, mother, teacher etc. She’s many things to many people but most importantly she’s my wife and the love of my life. I met her at a time when I had lost faith in women due to bad experiences. My wife was like a breath of fresh air! The first time I met her I was attracted to her looks but there’s so much more to her than her outer beauty. She made me chase her for Four (4) years (and three attempts) but I can say that she is worth it.

People look at our relationship and sometimes wonder. My wife is a lecturer and can work long hours. To show her my support after work, I used to sit in some of her evening classes and give her tips on her teaching. I enjoyed watching my wife do what she loves. I have been laughed at and mocked for fully supporting my wife. Honestly, I don’t care because I’m secure enough in myself to know that by supporting my wife to be everything she can be doesn’t make me less of a man. In fact, it makes me more of a man and a husband.

David, I’m so proud of my wife. Not only her achievements but the woman that she is. We’ve been through so much together but she is always so strong for our family. One thing I love about my wife is that she always puts my needs first. She pushes me to be a better person and is very supportive. She’s hard and soft in the right measures (ask her students). She always tries to bring out the best in people, especially me, and I love her for that. When we lost our daughter about a year ago, my wife didn’t stop loving and caring for others. She even made it her mission to help people more. She wasn’t angry or bitter but she handled the situation with such grace and dignity it made me respect her more.

We’ve been together for Five (5) years and it still feels so fresh. People say we act like boyfriend and girlfriend. She is still my best friend. We can chat for hours and hours when my wife is out of town (she travels a lot). I still look forward to our daily catch up at the end of the working day. She’s the first person I want to speak to when anything happens.

I’m not embarrassed to show how much I love my wife. We still hold hands and show affection in public despite the stares and looks. No relationship is perfect and ours is no exception but I can say that I would give my wife ten over ten (10/10) because to me, she’s the BEST I could ask for.” – From Abeeku

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