Teach your man to give you pleasure

Good afternoon Dave, I’d like to weigh in the ongoing talk about men ejaculating quickly during sex. I can see from the observers’ point that this issue is a concern for most of our women.

Dave, I believe that it is high time for our women to start taking some responsibility for what happens to them in the bedroom. Sex is a desire and a feeling just like hunger and thirst, hence the need for satisfaction when that desire arises.

Leaving it for someone else to figure out how to satisfy your desire is a bit unfair on the person. Most men would appreciate it if their women helped and guided them in this respect, rather than leave it all for them to figure it out. We all agree that women are complex distinct especially on the area of their sexuality. No two women are the same.

Women have quiet distinct sensual points so it is difficult to conclude that what satisfied Adwoa would satisfy Akosua. I will plead with our women to first know what satisfy them during sex and guide their men in that respect. Also, I would advice our women to take time and understand the makeup of men. Unlike women, we are quite simple and easy to figure out when it comes to our sexuality.

The most sensitive part of every man is the frenulum; the area found on the underside of the glands   on a circumcised penis, it’s where the foreskin would have met the head.

This area is responsible for ejaculation in men. There is the possibility that some men are naturally sensitive in this area but inconsistent and irregular sex can make the frenulum, the very sensitive as well. Regular sex can help reduce its sensitivity thereby delaying ejaculation.

Another very helpful tip for our wives to help ensure that their husbands get delayed ejaculation is by not waiting for their husbands to approach them with an already erected penis. An already erected penis often leads to early ejaculation.

Wives catch your husband’s off guard when they least expect it. Please don’t leave sex for only when your husband wants it. There is a high chance he will ejaculate early in that circumstance.

If your husband ejaculates early during the first round don’t settle for it, go for a second or third if you are not satisfied. (Who would believe you raped your husband.) Early ejaculation during the first round is normal, give him water, make him walk about a bit and then seduce him all over again and  men, please exercise more, like running, drink more water during the day and before sex and ensure your diet is balanced.

Blend watermelon with the seeds, is a good aphrodisiac for some men. I’m not an expert; I’m only sharing what works for me. Please keep me anonymous.

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