“I gave my husband a hug and told him how much I love him, and he smiled and looked at me with that look of, ‘oh!’ He asked me “but why?” I said nothing. I smiled back warmly, and then went to my car to drive to work.  I am writing from a heart that is almost…

It's all wrong but it's alright

Love is real and it can happen to all of us. However, if we are not discerning enough, an appearance can deceive us. A tone of voice can lead us astray. A sex act can confuse us. The heart of the human being can be insincere, and they can be so charming – even in their…

Letting Go

I do not know whether or not I believe in this, but I’m going to say it anyways: If you can, treat everyone around you with kindness, enough kindness and respect and love; even to those who will or have hurt you the most. You are not doing this because they deserve it…


Do you know what your significant other is thinking? How about the other way round: that feeling of not knowing what your partner could be thinking about? I know it’s impossible to know exactly what the other person is thinking without them telling you, but could one rely…

Seize the Night

When I was a kid, I used to giggle anytime I read the Songs of Solomon, from the Bible. Even at a Sunday school age, I loved what I read: I mean, the audaciousness and the blatant plainness at which the writer would describe the sexual being was selxy. Lol! I wasn’t a…

See see hubby Eyemra

Trust is needed for a marriage to survive. You trust your partner but does he or she trust you? Do you have anything to hide? Are you an open book? How would you feel if you got to know your husband or wife was spying on you? Why would someone you love be monitoring your…

Pandora's Box: Open as you wish

The TRUTH is, we all lie. We all keep certain ‘dark‘ things unshared. And the reason you might be holding on to that whatever-it-is, is of no surprise to me. They may range from innocent to sinister, but you are holding on to something only known to you.