The Chancer

If the one you love has this consistent habit of always wanting to accuse you of behaviors they themselves know, and you damn know as well – they are exhibiting, what would that mean to you? When the man or woman you love, someway, somehow, just seems or is pretending to…
Everyday People


Life can be a continuous bombardment of so many things coming at us, nearby us and past us. And a lot of the time, what these attacks can leave us is an imprint that everything is that impossible or just difficult to pursue. Akua did more than she could imagine. There is a…
Everyday People


Caring and loving or just being close to someone comes with its own probable risks. This man feels betrayed because trust has been broken. He feels very disappointed because someone he respected made an unfortunate decision in his stead – which he does not agree with.

He Turned

“Good evening, David. I’d want to know your opinion: My husband had been unemployed for three years, and we both had been figuring ways out of our means to find him a job. I made a few contacts to contact their contacts about possible job vacancies. Thankfully, one came…

A hero comes along

He had just met her, and though their interaction had just begun, he knew she was different. He felt excited in a way only he could explain. That funny feeling you feel as a child, where your whole world seemed like a magical movie: everything making sense all over again.

But you know that...

Loving wholly is always filled with the probability of pain. She wants to return to her old love, and it’s not like she went looking for him. She was okay, happily married. He just happened to be where she was, and then all of a sudden, she’s began looking for that part…

The Target!

These two became the best of friends under the most awkward circumstances ever, and nothing has been so far better than them staying in touch, in like and in love as best friends… He adores this woman, the woman he calls ‘His wife’. Their love is deep, very…

My wrong was to be unemployed

He’s been unemployed since 2016. Every day, he steps out in faith, always trusting in GOD for a job. He’s doing his very best to be there for his wife and kids. He believes, that life happens! And that, what he would be doing for a living (career-wise) is just a part.