Valentine's Day Experiences

I believe with all of my heart that, love, in any form, is worth celebrating. A lot of people embrace the 14th day of February because it helps them remember their good and or, bad love experiences. Is the thought of this day worth remembering? Yes of course. Each memory of…

The BEST I could ask for

This whole art of co-existing in peace is what this couple have been up to. She looks gorgeous before him; he cannot take his eyes off her. And because she respects the individuality of her husband, he adores her. She respects his desires, and so she’s become a wonderful…

She wore hot pink to her late husband's funeral

He started his day that day with the perfect plan ever, and with the very best of intentions. And then, life happened. It was at that point that he got to know how he truly was faring. Have you ever been blindsided? Has something happened that you just did not see coming?