“Dave, it’s been seven months and I am still sex starving. I have gotten to the point where I have psyched myself not to think of sex to even think of engaging in the act. This strategy of mine is now working as I don’t get the urge for sex any longer…

No longer afraid

A lot of the time we are so deep in the ditches of whatever love or marriage we think we are committed to, that we often do not see the mess we are in until it’s rather too late. I know, you need to do something different to make it work best for you and, maybe, the kids.

See see hubby Eyemra

Trust is needed for a marriage to survive. You trust your partner but does he or she trust you? Do you have anything to hide? Are you an open book? How would you feel if you got to know your husband or wife was spying on you? Why would someone you love be monitoring your…