Will give it all up

Some of us have become so busy in life that, we’ve allowed the lot to distract us from getting around to the very things and people we’re not supposed to be taking for granted. At the back of our minds, we know we’re neglecting the very people we’re to make a…


A week and some days ago, I met with one of the BEAUTIFUL human beings I have ever seen my entire life. She’s a 41 years old mother of two. Truthfully speaking, she did not look anything close to 18 years mpo. I saw the true definition of beauty. She made me appreciate the…

Tried and tested

So you may be also just ‘friends’ with that lady or gentleman, and are just ‘fooling’ around. Of course, no strings attached, you both know that. But the more time you keep spending on phone ‘fooling’ and texting with them builds a bond you both aren’t sure of.

I can't deal

She has not become this tired and ‘out of it’ over this while without a cause. She felt let down by her husband because he really did let her down. She is disappointed by her husband because he disappointed her and the kids. She seems to be picking up the slack because…

For the long haul

Allowing the heart to fall in love can be the best decision ever made or the worst. The whole process of being vulnerable and feeling that much in need of someone’s fidelity can be scary sometimes. Especially after giving them your all, and then later finding out they…