Marriage called off

Hello Dave, this is the second time I’m writing to you. This is not to share my story or problem but to say thank you for starting this series on how some women have lost their voices in their marriage. It has been an eye-opener for me especially. I’m not married yet but…

She needs sexual healing

Dave, hope you are well. I would be grateful if you can help me with this situation I’m in. I’ve known this lady for several years but we started dating 2018. It has been a good and awesome relationship so far, despite some odds that are against us.

She is seriously tempting me

Dave, trust you are doing well. Dave I almost sinned or should I say I have sinned? I almost slept with my friend’s wife. Dave, I should say I am a very disciplined young man. I have not had sex for the past four years so when the temptation presented…


Sex, we all know is a wonderful way to celebrate love, freedom and everything else that feels good from within. To some, it relieves stress. To others, it’s the healing drug. It’s fun to many, and it’s all good. Many of us love sex because it’s a big part of our…

Ma forte tour

He did not have to hide his true self from his wife and put on a front in order to be what he thought she wanted in a man. She did not make him feel embarrassed for having flaws. She gave him enough room to share himself, and also be vulnerable and feel safe doing so…