Sex for favors

Would you all admit to the fact that, every now and then, we tend to have that one ‘big’ favor to ask someone? What would be your response if that person you need his or her assistance also wants something in return? SEX! Do you also love to have some really, good…

Sister Grace OD

What is stopping most of us from seeing what we want to see is us. If  only we can see the dream, believe in the dream, pursue the dream, and give ourselves the permission NOT to give up on us that easily… If we can just imagine and fantasize about that which we want…

My wrong was to be unemployed

He’s been unemployed since 2016. Every day, he steps out in faith, always trusting in GOD for a job. He’s doing his very best to be there for his wife and kids. He believes, that life happens! And that, what he would be doing for a living (career-wise) is just a part.