The Chancer

If the one you love has this consistent habit of always wanting to accuse you of behaviors they themselves know, and you damn know as well – they are exhibiting, what would that mean to you? When the man or woman you love, someway, somehow, just seems or is pretending to…
Everyday People


Caring and loving or just being close to someone comes with its own probable risks. This man feels betrayed because trust has been broken. He feels very disappointed because someone he respected made an unfortunate decision in his stead – which he does not agree with.


A week and some days ago, I met with one of the BEAUTIFUL human beings I have ever seen my entire life. She’s a 41 years old mother of two. Truthfully speaking, she did not look anything close to 18 years mpo. I saw the true definition of beauty. She made me appreciate the…

Tried and tested

So you may be also just ‘friends’ with that lady or gentleman, and are just ‘fooling’ around. Of course, no strings attached, you both know that. But the more time you keep spending on phone ‘fooling’ and texting with them builds a bond you both aren’t sure of.

He wakes at dawn to chat her

“Dave, something is not right in my marriage. My husband has been waking up most dawns – to chat with another woman. I recently found that out, but I had been missing his absence in bed anytime I woke to urinate at dawn. He is not sleeping with the woman, but he…