Can't Stop

“I made a mistake. I thought I had learned from it but it happened again, and it’s been happening lately… A lot. I can’t stop cheating on my wife. And the truth is, I love my wife dearly. She’s my backbone, and everything. But the issue is, I feel more…

Coping with the realities

Are you strong enough? Are you able to handle situations of any kind? Are you able to admit to the call for help? What would you do should your wife or husband be taken ill for years? Would you be angry? Would you know where to turn? How would you be able to schedule your…

Pandora's Box: Open as you wish

The TRUTH is, we all lie. We all keep certain ‘dark‘ things unshared. And the reason you might be holding on to that whatever-it-is, is of no surprise to me. They may range from innocent to sinister, but you are holding on to something only known to you.