I am HIV positive

Imagine meeting that man who isn’t so consumed by his work that he wouldn’t be bothered to want to spend uninterrupted time with you, because you are that important to him? Her husband was all that and more. He was happy to turn off his phone so he could focus on…

She's daring me to get a divorce

He’s very charming and endearing, and was cheating on his wife. He wants his wife’s forgiveness. Wife wants space to think things through. But he’s finding an issue with her silent treatment. And he’s flipping out because he thinks she’s abandoning his needs. How…

Is marriage by force?

Marriage is awesome. We all know that. But does he know that? Should every grown up get married? Has the whole concept of it been overrated? Are there really other alternatives to being married? Like committing to a meaningful relationship that offers you the exact happiness…

Kweku, Akua says 'yes!'

Anytime she was attending any of her best friends’ wedding, she would beam. Everything about her would change. She would be in a good mood the whole week to the wedding date. The excitement in her life that week to whoever’s wedding, translated into a heart so welcoming…

The second lady

She’s fallen deeply in love with his character, his unique looks, his sense of humor, wit, maturity level and the friendship they share. Something is right about him, and the physical attraction and chemistry between them is that intense. He’s never rushed her into sex.

I love my wife but I'm in love with this other lady

He didn’t ask to fall in love with this other woman who is with her husband and kids. His love for her has never stopped, and it doesn’t seem to want to stop any time soon. According to him, his love is never limited to whether or not she’s another man’s wife. Love…

He is always walking naked in the house

“Good morning, David. How are you? I’ve been married for Five (5) months and I am already beginning to have serious issues with my husband. He is always walking naked in the house. He wouldn’t even wear a boxer short. I find his behavior so uncomfortable. I…