“I gave my husband a hug and told him how much I love him, and he smiled and looked at me with that look of, ‘oh!’ He asked me “but why?” I said nothing. I smiled back warmly, and then went to my car to drive to work.  I am writing from a heart that is almost…

Crisis Management

I hear that the Chinese people use two brush strokes to always write the word crisis. One brush stroke, I’m informed stands for danger; and the other signifying opportunity. So in other words, whenever you find yourself in crisis, be intentionally aware of the danger…

Worth it

Have you ever felt uncertain about your fertility and questioned yourself as a woman and a wife? Have you ever been scared of the thought of not being able to give your spouse children? Is your body having a hard time doing what a woman is usually expected to do? Is the…

No longer afraid

A lot of the time we are so deep in the ditches of whatever love or marriage we think we are committed to, that we often do not see the mess we are in until it’s rather too late. I know, you need to do something different to make it work best for you and, maybe, the kids.

It's all wrong but it's alright

Love is real and it can happen to all of us. However, if we are not discerning enough, an appearance can deceive us. A tone of voice can lead us astray. A sex act can confuse us. The heart of the human being can be insincere, and they can be so charming – even in their…

Needle In The Hay

Forgiveness, we all know is a choice. It does not mean in any way that what your spouse did is okay. Can a marriage survive infidelity? Is there any way for a woman to exclusively, trust a man that has already been unfaithful to her once? Most women I know, are quick to…

Letting Go

I do not know whether or not I believe in this, but I’m going to say it anyways: If you can, treat everyone around you with kindness, enough kindness and respect and love; even to those who will or have hurt you the most. You are not doing this because they deserve it…

The Chancer

If the one you love has this consistent habit of always wanting to accuse you of behaviors they themselves know, and you damn know as well – they are exhibiting, what would that mean to you? When the man or woman you love, someway, somehow, just seems or is pretending to…

Overwhelm Me

That relationship you are in or have even been in is like a thread, woven into something beautiful, a cloth of a kind. Pieces of the woven art attracts your attention because they seem not to be as perfect as you would have wanted it. And that’s where you sometimes would…

Nonsense degree

Guys, what’s your penis size and length? Are you proud of what it can do when it’s fully charged to work on someone? What’s your longest tour? Are you able to travel through Ethiopia, Sudan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cuba, Poland, Israel, Jerusalem, Jamaica…
Everyday People


She found herself in a position I doubt would have known what to do – if I were to be in her shoes. Do we take our relationships for granted sometimes, even if we kind of, don’t intend to? Because, she had a happy relationship and marriage, and a man, the ‘right’…
Everyday People


Ever been in that situation that you felt challenged, so much so to want to give up on you? Ever experienced that storm that you wished had not come your way? Is the unimaginable pain felt during these hardships just a phase in our lives or it is to prepare us towards a…
Everyday People


Caring and loving or just being close to someone comes with its own probable risks. This man feels betrayed because trust has been broken. He feels very disappointed because someone he respected made an unfortunate decision in his stead – which he does not agree with.


What features did you look for in your wife before settling on her? How important were those to you? Does a feature that a man wants in a woman make her any less of a woman if she lacks it? Does a man’s idea of an attractive lady makes the woman look any healthier or…


A week and some days ago, I met with one of the BEAUTIFUL human beings I have ever seen my entire life. She’s a 41 years old mother of two. Truthfully speaking, she did not look anything close to 18 years mpo. I saw the true definition of beauty. She made me appreciate the…


Do you know what your significant other is thinking? How about the other way round: that feeling of not knowing what your partner could be thinking about? I know it’s impossible to know exactly what the other person is thinking without them telling you, but could one rely…