Uncle Daddy

The best thing in his life happened unexpectedly. His beautiful story actually began with, ‘and, all of a sudden…’ This sudden adventure of his was never planned though it turned out just alright for him. A lot of the time, we plan ahead and with the very best of…

My Barber's Hands

That overriding sense of happiness dawned on him after their first encounter. She did not wipe away all the doubts and insecurities in his life, however, whenever he was with her, his self-esteem was at its best. His instincts were telling him to pursue her because she made…

A hero comes along

He had just met her, and though their interaction had just begun, he knew she was different. He felt excited in a way only he could explain. That funny feeling you feel as a child, where your whole world seemed like a magical movie: everything making sense all over again.

The Look

Reality had set in and they both had freaked out for a second. They distanced themselves for days to process the whole incident all over again, because it didn’t sound real. It wasn’t happening to them… Because they couldn’t have anticipated this outcome. And there…

My wife doesn't even know what I look like

When it dawned on him how much he really wanted to know this woman, he made the effort to look perfect, because he understood the importance of making her giggle, and then, smile, and then, laugh. He understood the importance of making her blush. He understood the importance…

My wife looks like a man

When he awoke, his wife was no longer womanly. The ugly masterpiece in his bed couldn’t have been the same person he paid her dowry. Something was wrong somewhere. A disastrous mistake perhaps, but certainly not his preference. Her face makes him hurl, her tone of voice…