Pinned Down

“When you are married to a good woman, count yourself lucky, because there’s nothing else better than a wife who knows what she wants. Yes, your wife is strong-willed, ambitious and caring; brother, put some respect on her name. Because she’s going to fight…

Save me from myself

“I have also embraced my role as her protector, in other worse, I have no plans to deliberately, or ever wound her. She deserves better. I will no longer let my children down, just for the sake of their mothers; I will be better and raise them to be better men.

Me Too

“Until last year, I took my vows seriously. My husband and I promised not to sleep with other people. That was the mutual agreement our marriage was built on. Dave, I come from a home that did the best it could to teach me values. My husband expects me to give him what…

Fake Kiss

“It’s a beautiful thing falling in love with my wife. And I love my wife without needing her to love me back. I am being honest, I am not in love with my wife because she loves me. I am committed to her because she deserves to be loved. She gives me beautiful love in…

It's all wrong but it's alright

Love is real and it can happen to all of us. However, if we are not discerning enough, an appearance can deceive us. A tone of voice can lead us astray. A sex act can confuse us. The heart of the human being can be insincere, and they can be so charming – even in their…

Letting Go

I do not know whether or not I believe in this, but I’m going to say it anyways: If you can, treat everyone around you with kindness, enough kindness and respect and love; even to those who will or have hurt you the most. You are not doing this because they deserve it…

She knows

Yours may be also busily cheating on you. Are you going to be in denial or face the reality of it? Because to ignore gives him the go-ahead to pursue it further. To pretend as if you do not care or see his deeds equally concurs to him getting away with it. When is ever the…


Do you know what your significant other is thinking? How about the other way round: that feeling of not knowing what your partner could be thinking about? I know it’s impossible to know exactly what the other person is thinking without them telling you, but could one rely…

On the blind side

Could it really be true that there are boundless opportunities out there for anyone to still find true love and happiness, even after being married to the one you assume is ‘The One’? Should men and women just get out there to explore the possibilities out there? Would…

Tried and tested

So you may be also just ‘friends’ with that lady or gentleman, and are just ‘fooling’ around. Of course, no strings attached, you both know that. But the more time you keep spending on phone ‘fooling’ and texting with them builds a bond you both aren’t sure of.


Honestly, do you take a second look at that attractive lady or gentleman who passed you on the street? Or the one pumping iron at the gym, how do you find him? Does being married necessarily mean your eyes build blinders to attractive people? Is looking and admiring others…

So far so very good

Have you found your personal person that you are drawn to? That man or woman who is very interested in everything about you? That individual you feel safe being with all the time? That lady or gentleman who doesn’t make you feel judged in any way? The one who is loyal in…

I mean well

Is a man selfish if he’s involved with more than one woman at the same time? Is such a man greedy, and a liar, with no consideration for the feelings of the other parties? Can a man fall in love with more than just one woman and be allowed to love them both accordingly?

Pandora's Box: Open as you wish

The TRUTH is, we all lie. We all keep certain ‘dark‘ things unshared. And the reason you might be holding on to that whatever-it-is, is of no surprise to me. They may range from innocent to sinister, but you are holding on to something only known to you.

Abena Sakyiwaa Adentwi Boateng

Abena is his serendipity. A woman he did not have to really search or look for. She was not part of his list of qualities, rather she is just a person, like any other woman, but of a difference. That made him realize she was ‘The One’. She appreciates all his flaws…

I can't deal

She has not become this tired and ‘out of it’ over this while without a cause. She felt let down by her husband because he really did let her down. She is disappointed by her husband because he disappointed her and the kids. She seems to be picking up the slack because…