Future other woman

I would want to believe I’m in a very good marriage because I do not see my wife feeling or thinking about not being cared for or not wanted. I make sure we send quality time together and I am intentional with this in many ways. I can put aside four whole evenings in a…

Too much power, too much control

Dear David We met at the market Saturday morning. How are you doing sir? I was about to send you a message and I realized you had already posted about our encounter. It was really nice meeting you personally and though I could see you were very busy shopping with your…


Hello David, this is the first time I have had to come out on this rather sensitive issue that robbed me of my confidence growing up. Today I’m still battling it but I’m also fighting very hard to go past it. Growing up, my dad used to be verbally abusive with my…

Talk To The Body

“I am able to deeply connect with my woman, and she knows she’s fully seen and appreciated by me. I am very secure in my relationship with my wife. She pushes me every day to reach my potential. That’s how I know I am loved. I make time to listen to her, and also…


How long are you willing to stay in that relationship/marriage, knowing very well how unhappy and fed-up you are. You know you’re out of steam, yet you’re still in it with them. What exactly are you waiting for? What is your breaking point in that relationship? Or…

Outside In

The morning her father died, she sent this text message to her mother: “Ma, I hope you’re not going to be crying after all that he did to you, and to us? It’s good he’s dead, you know? Just cheer up. We will work hard to take very good care of you. You’re too good…


Do you know what your significant other is thinking? How about the other way round: that feeling of not knowing what your partner could be thinking about? I know it’s impossible to know exactly what the other person is thinking without them telling you, but could one rely…


How would you feel should your expectations be violated? When your sense of world and control is assaulted?  When the one person you imagined to be yours and could provide you with security is taken away from you for no reason at all? – DBM #TheProposal “When I met…

Tried and tested

So you may be also just ‘friends’ with that lady or gentleman, and are just ‘fooling’ around. Of course, no strings attached, you both know that. But the more time you keep spending on phone ‘fooling’ and texting with them builds a bond you both aren’t sure of.


Honestly, do you take a second look at that attractive lady or gentleman who passed you on the street? Or the one pumping iron at the gym, how do you find him? Does being married necessarily mean your eyes build blinders to attractive people? Is looking and admiring others…

See see hubby Eyemra

Trust is needed for a marriage to survive. You trust your partner but does he or she trust you? Do you have anything to hide? Are you an open book? How would you feel if you got to know your husband or wife was spying on you? Why would someone you love be monitoring your…

Pandora's Box: Open as you wish

The TRUTH is, we all lie. We all keep certain ‘dark‘ things unshared. And the reason you might be holding on to that whatever-it-is, is of no surprise to me. They may range from innocent to sinister, but you are holding on to something only known to you.

He saw, he shook, but stood

He came to love not by finding the ‘ideal’ woman figure, but rather saw the person in the woman he enjoyed talking to. He saw the difference, and he saw it clearly. But he chose her anyways. He was in love and the love had cleared his eyes. He sees his wife for the woman…