Deliberate Love

“Thank you for walking out on your ex. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my girlfriend. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for being the mother of our children. Thank you for the beautiful meals you cook for me every day. Thank you for the great…

Worth it

Have you ever felt uncertain about your fertility and questioned yourself as a woman and a wife? Have you ever been scared of the thought of not being able to give your spouse children? Is your body having a hard time doing what a woman is usually expected to do? Is the…

She knows

Yours may be also busily cheating on you. Are you going to be in denial or face the reality of it? Because to ignore gives him the go-ahead to pursue it further. To pretend as if you do not care or see his deeds equally concurs to him getting away with it. When is ever the…


What is your bigger picture mentally – when you look at the man or woman that you love? Do you sweat over small stuffs when it comes to him or her? How attentive are you to everything happening around you? Would you know if your spouse changed? Would you change back on…
Everyday People


He lived his life in a continual struggle. I think he still does, except, maybe now, he is choosing to see and appreciate the splendor that could come out of this art of struggling. He chose to become more than just what life threw at him. He did more. He found available…
Everyday People


Caring and loving or just being close to someone comes with its own probable risks. This man feels betrayed because trust has been broken. He feels very disappointed because someone he respected made an unfortunate decision in his stead – which he does not agree with.

On the blind side

Could it really be true that there are boundless opportunities out there for anyone to still find true love and happiness, even after being married to the one you assume is ‘The One’? Should men and women just get out there to explore the possibilities out there? Would…

Valentine's Day Experiences

I believe with all of my heart that, love, in any form, is worth celebrating. A lot of people embrace the 14th day of February because it helps them remember their good and or, bad love experiences. Is the thought of this day worth remembering? Yes of course. Each memory of…