Cheating dreams

Dave, please tell me this is just a coincidence and it means nothing. I have three kids, all less than 10 years. The first child had a dream three weeks ago. I asked her to tell me about it and she preferred to rather sketch what it was. Her other siblings were asleep then.

Battle of trust

Mr. David hello, Let me go straight to the point. Some time ago, my husband came home and out of the blue, mentioned the name of a friend of mine that I have known for 18 years. He was speaking ill of her and was indirectly suggesting that I ended my friendship with her.

Uncle with sex positions

Hello David, how are you? First and foremost, I think I might be overacting but I want to ask to be sure I am. My wife was raised by a man she calls her Uncle, though I later found out that they are not blood-related. He took care of her and her siblings when their parents…

Initiate sex!

Good day Dave, I want to make few remarks about your posts on sex. My one decade experience of sex with 5 Ghanaian women, and 2 European women can be summarized as follows. First of all, most of our women are boring and unexcited when it comes to the bedroom and one style…

He was nobody's type

Mr. Dave, at what point does a woman stop forgiving her husband’s sins. Because I think I am tired, I am tired of being the one to make our marriage work. I am tired of trying to keep the home together. I am tired of trying because there are children involved, I…


Hello David, I am a silent follower. After reading why women lose themselves after marriage stories, I concluded most men are cowards. Most men claim they want smart, confident, hardworking and straightforward women but once you agree to their proposal, they…

How do I do this right?

“How do I make her feel loved and that I am real? We’ve been dating for a few years but I don’t want to get romantic and all emotional. It’s funny because we didn’t start off like this. It was really fun then, but I realized I might make the…

A hero comes along

He had just met her, and though their interaction had just begun, he knew she was different. He felt excited in a way only he could explain. That funny feeling you feel as a child, where your whole world seemed like a magical movie: everything making sense all over again.

The BEST I could ask for

This whole art of co-existing in peace is what this couple have been up to. She looks gorgeous before him; he cannot take his eyes off her. And because she respects the individuality of her husband, he adores her. She respects his desires, and so she’s become a wonderful…

Better than the Big 6

This life is an immense journey, and this journey would be a whole lot exciting and pleasurable should one share it with ‘The One’ who can teach us new things. You don’t need to be beautiful, employed, rich, educated, etc. for a potential partner to open your eyes to…


Awful things do happen; we cannot change that fact. However, the manner in which we respond to some of these unfortunate occurrences defines our character, and also, the quality of our lives. We have the choice to grief, be miserable, be broken by the gravity of these…

She inspires the better version of me

His love for his wife is real; the real type that raises his vibration. Normally, a man wouldn’t walk around at a high level of awareness, but his wife triggers that in him because she’s right for him. He’s become a better version of himself. True love is that…

Man was HOT

He didn’t know what he wanted at first. But then, the 10th phone number got him thinking: would it be a bad idea for him to pursue whoever owned that new number? Would it be a bad idea for him to be seeking validation, cuddling, sex, friendship and attention from whomever…

She's been wonderful with me

I had just 12 questions to ask the participants in this segment. I wanted to know whether or not it was true that, the heart beats when one is in love. Lol! I needed them to journey me through the whole process of their opening up and letting true love in. Did their…

Searching for you

When a woman has been in the whole dating game for years on end, she gets to a point where she’d be done dealing with all sorts of BS just for the sake of ‘putting herself out there’. This woman has purpose, drive, motivation, a sense of urgency… Something for…