Air of Gravity

A very good friend asked why there seems to be no gravity when we are in the elevator, and I was like, “Hmmm!” Then she tried explaining gravity to me all over again: According to the physics she thinks she remembers from school, gravity is the natural force we all know…

Overwhelm Me

That relationship you are in or have even been in is like a thread, woven into something beautiful, a cloth of a kind. Pieces of the woven art attracts your attention because they seem not to be as perfect as you would have wanted it. And that’s where you sometimes would…

The perfect distraction

One statement I have never stopped making to friends is, “Everything is going to be alright.” A lot of the time, I do not really know whether I believe in these words, however, I keep saying it to people and myself anyways. Not everything would have to happen for a…

Pandora's Box: Open as you wish

The TRUTH is, we all lie. We all keep certain ‘dark‘ things unshared. And the reason you might be holding on to that whatever-it-is, is of no surprise to me. They may range from innocent to sinister, but you are holding on to something only known to you.

The boy is mine

Ever been torn between two very important decisions to make? Where you felt you were really that unsure about what to or not do? Can a man have that much clarity in a complication? What is that thing always underneath the mess of confusing thoughts that sometimes, dances on…

My wife and girlfriend are both pregnant

Life will always present us with different choices and reasons to either have to make them or not. And a lot of the time, we may deem it right to take certain actions – because they look right in our thoughts. Difficult as some choices may be, we make them anyways. He made…