Hello David, Please hide my identity. I am not ashamed of my story, but for the simple reason that I am yet to confront my mother and some siblings to aid my healing process. Talking about the business of stolen voices, this is mine. It was my mother who tore me down and…

No longer afraid

A lot of the time we are so deep in the ditches of whatever love or marriage we think we are committed to, that we often do not see the mess we are in until it’s rather too late. I know, you need to do something different to make it work best for you and, maybe, the kids.

From the dark she rose

When someone you love is being abused, it affects you too. It affects everyone related to the abused. Watching your mother deal with an abusive husband can be extremely tough and can cause a whole lot of mixed reactions and feelings: anger, grief, guilt and even fear. It can…