Strong baby

My baby of 2 years is too difficult to handle. She is physically very strong. She can pull 5kg rice, yes ooo I’m not lying.

In fact, you have to force her to do everything for her as in bathing, putting on diapers, clothes, combing her hair and brushing her teeth.

The one that bothers me a lot is how she becomes very hyper when we are in public. Kyrese, she will not allow you hold her or direct her when she is going the wrong way. She will cry and roll on the floor when you want to carry her.

She also has no stranger anxiety. I mean she is not afraid of strangers. She will easily raise up her hands to be picked by anyone she meets and will cry if the person refuses to carry her. And if the person carries her and I want to her take back, she will cry ankasa.

She will also cry and refuse to live if we visit someone and we are leaving. This has got me thinking and worried. Please help a first time Mum. Please note, she is not autistic because she is able to eat herself and has started saying some words and sings along when she is watching cartoons

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