Something’s Got To Give

Why I composed this song:

You know, for the better part of my life, I had, almost, always, never really needed someone to tell me what my truth was, when it came to LOVE. I had always known what/who I wanted in my heart. That was the truth I uncovered about myself, and I have tried to live according to just that – and whatever consequences there after: my Truth. My Feelings. My Choice. My Love. My life.

And because I love from deep within, I am conscious of everything happening around me when I fall in love. I don’t ignore that deep voice inside of me, which often screams at me to diligently pursue a loved one, or take it easy. That voice that cautions me to leave a relationship, or to just open my heart to that intriguing experience with that person. What or whoever’s voice that has been, it has been my truth, inside of me and it is always dying to be heard.

Something’s Got To Give is about TRUTH, your truth, that inspires you to do something to make something happen for you.

I am learning from every experience: the good, the not-so-good – that my life/heart/love can improve when I take chances, and that, the first and most difficult risk I can take is to be honest with myself. Not what someone has done to influence a decision! Not what others think. Living solely according to the inner truth within yourself, enables you to become happy in situations, you sometimes would never have even imagined – seeing yourself happy in.

Something’s Got To Give is all about LOVE. Love that knows that we do not own the man or woman we are that much into. That we are so comfortable in ourselves that, we do not want any other person to ever be our possession. That all you can ever want is for them to be whole, to be in their elements… To feel love, to be appreciated by themselves.

Something’s Got To Give means, MOVEMENT. Freedom for the other to be. To breathe. To live. To choose.

Know yourself, if you would want to be certain that man or woman, truly is yours to keep. Yes, it all starts with you. That, is your job: Know yourself. Be happy with yourself. Love who you are. It has never been my job to give what I know I do not have or take on the impossible burden of fixing someone else. A lot of us are losing ourselves in others, all in the name of love/marriage. We are confusing the problems of others for our own; denying others the freedom to pursue their own soul’s journey.

That’s not what this Music is about. Something’s Got To Give, sings to YOU, and only when we know ourselves will we be able to know if that man or woman, indeed, is right for us. When we know what it feels like to be in tune with our being, our core, our essence, our spirit, our whatever-we-want-to-call-it, our soul will scream out YES! or NO! when we’re with or even thinking about that person.

My soul has responded ferociously. It’s already screaming now. The question is: Am I listening?


Performed by: David Bondze

Featuring David Bolton 

Music and Words By: David Bondze-Mbir 

Produced By: D’kaybee Studios 



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