Something To Remember Me By

“I want to hurt my husband. Already, I have been feeding him with the excreta from my body. I mix my urine with water to boil his rice. I add my phlegm’s to his soup. I use part of my feces in preparing his stew. Curry always takes out the bad smell. He’s hurt me so bad I want to do something so drastic to remind him of me when the relationship finally collapses.” – Hurting K

Response from Adelaide Asamoah Akowuah

“Dear Hurting K

Every thing done out of hurt to punish another human lands in disaster. Your mind is made up to bruise his ego. You want to divorce your husband but you want to leave a nasty evidence that will register in his mind forever. Your action, my dear, will only punish him physically but if he is graced, he will recover. Your conscience will not set you free my dear. That will be a multiple punishment. How you treat him doesn’t change what he did and that is why forgiving him and letting go is the best medicine to prove to him how strong you are.

Seek for an alone time and freshen up. Separation and divorce could be considered during a good counselling session where you don’t want marriage again. The impact of these decisions will definitely be spelt-out to you so you take responsibility for it. All the effort you are putting in punishing your husband could be put in picking up the remaining pieces of yourself and building a great institution you are. Wife, you are an embodiment of wisdom. Use it, let go and let God.

Be bold to forgive him my dear.”

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