Single and happy

Hi Dave, I just read a story on your page about a lady who is seeing red flags few months to her wedding. I just thought I should share mine. Please keep me anonymous. My wedding was supposed to be in August 2018. Everything had been purchased, counseling completed. Three months to the wedding, I visited him and saw a sex cream and droplets of human hair on his bed. I asked him and he said his friend came to use his room with his girl. It didn’t make sense but I didn’t argue.

I decided to visit him one morning and I caught him with another woman. He begged, his parents begged, our church leaders begged and I decided to continue with the wedding. Six weeks to the wedding, I caught him again. These same people came to beg but I said no.

I stood my grounds and called off the wedding. My mother and siblings got upset. I didn’t mind them. Dave, this is the man who broke my virginity. I spent so much to help build our future. But I decided to let go.
He thought I had invested so much that it will be difficult to leave him but I did. God being so good, three months afterwards, I got my dream job. God just turned my life around. I realized I needed to love me more. I invested in myself. Dave, the first 28 years of, my life was full of pain, suffering and tears. I never knew joy. When I met him, I thought I had met my angel. I expected so much from him forgetting he is human. I was carrying garbage of bitterness, anger, unforgiveness and pain.

The past two years has been nothing less than fun.I recovered myself while single. I am happy I didn’t get married not because he is a bad man, but because I would have made his life a living hell. I just wish all ladies will encounter true happiness before marriage. This will help you make a good choice. Right now, I am not expecting a man to be my Jesus Christ but clearly I will not tolerate someone who will steal my joy. Still single and happy and I don’t know when I will get married but I know one thing, I am a happy and fulfilled single lady.

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