Silent prayer through sex

Hi, I read a comment under one of your posts on infidelity and I tried it.

David, I just need your opinion on this. The lady who commented under your post said she suspected her husband to be cheating on her, and because she had no proof, she just prayed a prayer that something untoward should happen to her husband if indeed he was having an affair.

According to her, she said that prayer while he was having sex with her and gave a timeline of a month. Her husband’s car caught fire and almost got him burnt 13 days after the prayer. According to her comment, that was her proof. My husband is Member of Parliament and well-loved by his Constituents.

I have always suspected him to be cheating on me and I had caught glimpse of chats and calls here and there with two particular numbers. One number, I was certain he was sleeping with, and the urge to question him about it was high but I couldn’t because he would need my proof to confess.

A few weeks to election, I said a prayer while we had sex that if he was indeed having an affair, he should lose to his opponent to his amazement. Dave, my husband has lost to his opponent and he is still in shock and in a sad mood.

Do you think this is proof of his affair? And does the silent prayer through sex work?

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