Sidelined in love

Hi Dave, I have an issue and being somewhat an introvert, I have no one to help out with an advice. I have been in a relationship for close to 6 years and I feel I’m either overreacting or things aren’t going well.

For starter, most of the things I love doing have been sidelined because my partner doesn’t like doing them. It hurts and when I gather myself to speak about it, I seem to be outrightly ignored.

He mostly puts himself first and all other things do not matter as far as he has satisfied himself. He offends you and gets angry at you for reacting and so you have to apologize for peace to reign.

I feel I’m doing all the work and not getting help from his end seems draining. I know men’s framework is quite different and I try to see stuff from that angle. He does stuff on his own without talking to me and when I ask about it, he says I’m trying to control him.

In case of turned tables, I seem to forget I’m in a relationship and do stuff on my own. It’s taking a toll on me and I want to know. Am I overreacting, being a control freak or things aren’t normal and I’m blinded by love or not wanting to lose memories?

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