Dear Mi Rey, I still can’t pinpoint what makes me love you that much, I know a lot of people see us together and ask why on earth I love you. To be honest, some of your family members have had the gut to ask me why a nice lady like me chooses to have an affair and even go to the extent of having a baby with you just because you have a deformity at the right side of your face. But you know what, my ability lies in your disability. I don’t regret ever loving you. Sweetheart, let them say because God no go shame us. I think they have been wondering why God keep blessing you but they will not understand. I just want you to know that even if you travel for 6 or more years, I will be here and be faithful to you because you are there working for our betterment.

“Medo”, whatever we are going through at this moment, I will always be by your side even though I didn’t have a total knowledge about it from the beginning. But I ain’t leaving you in times like this; I will fight with everything to see your dreams come true. I will supervise the building and get it done as you want. I know mom left a huge space in your heart that can’t be filled but I will try my best to make it up to you. When it gets to where you can’t control yourself, go on but protect yourself.
Together, forever Mi Rey.
A letter from “your Shuga”

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