She’s lazy

I think my wife is lazy or I could be enabling her to be doing so. See, when we met I was amazed a beautiful girl like her could be interested in a guy like me.

She is very pretty and way out of my league. I used to tell her she wouldn’t lift a finger to do anything at home if we got married. I used to joke about how I wanted her to look just pretty for me and give me pretty kids.

You know guys and what they can say just to get in some pant. I lose talked till we fell in love. She never cooked for me when we dated. We were always eating out or I do the cooking at home for her to come and eat.

We have been married for 7 months and she has not cooked a single meal for me. I give her money and she would send part of it to her cousin who is a caterer to be cooking breakfast, lunch and supper for the house. Dave, it’s not that she can’t cook, she can but she doesn’t want to.

My mother visited us and it was her cousin still bringing in food. So my mum went to the kitchen to be cooking for us hoping my wife would begin to do so too but she never did. She would eat when my mother cooks but would never cook for the house.

As I type this message to you, we are waiting for her cousin to bring our food for the day including breakfast. She is not a bad woman.

She gives me rough sex which I love. I just want her to be great in the kitchen too. But she says she can’t be cooking when someone else can.

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