She’s been wonderful with me

I had just 12 questions to ask the participants in this segment. I wanted to know whether or not it was true that, the heart beats when one is in love. Lol! I needed them to journey me through the whole process of their opening up and letting true love in. Did their experiences bring that so-called, wrong shivers? And then, their saying, “Oh, yes!” to love. How did that moment feel like? Did they feel like they were naked in standing? I mean, completely naked, with their every inch of themselves on show to their beloveds? How vulnerable did they become at a point in their relationships?

Those kinds of stuffs we all want to know. – DBM 


KB: 12 questions. Lol. So long as I am anonymous

David Bondze (DB): Lol! You horrible, terrible species… Lol! I miss you. How are you doing?

KB: Miss too you man. I am doing great ooo. Just a late nighter. Job applications. Every job wants an essay

DB: Hahahaha

KB: Teaching philosophy. Trying to get a lecturing job hopefully

DB: Everything is going to be alright.

KB: No doubt. Amen

DB: 12 Questions?

KB: Yep

DB: How old are you?

KB: I am 32.

DB: How did you meet your wife?

KB: I met her in college. KNUST through my roommate. My roommate’s pal was dating my wife’s roommate. Lol

DB: Lol! I see. What about her made her stand out and not blend in?

KB: She had crazy wild colored hair. And a nice behind too.

DB: Hahahaha

KB: But she was kinda nice and pleasant too, aside the looks.

DB: At what point did you realize that – you were that much into her?

KB: Well, it took about a year and half for me to commit to actually dating her. I knew her, we were friends. I knew I liked her. But I wasn’t ready to settle just yet. I was exploring other avenues

DB: Hahahaha

KB: Not that I was really serious about the others. But I wasn’t in the frame of mind to go exclusive

DB: I understand. How long did you date?

KB: About 4 years before marriage

DB: Were you into premarital sex with her, and or with another?

KB: Yes, we did sleep together and even partially lived together for a time. But about a year or so to our getting married – we decided to stop having sex. Well, she decided and I obliged.

DB: Lol! How did you propose marriage?

KB: That part is a bit hazy. So we just kind of talked about the future and what we wanted to do. We wanted to get married alright. But when I was going to leave GH it accelerated things.

DB: I see

KB: Hard to actually remember actually asking her. It was like, we both agreed in conversation. And I said I will see her father with my parents. So the most official ask was at the knocking. When her Dad called her to ask her whether or not he should accept the drinks. I was a bit traditional. I never got on one knee. Lol

DB: I see. Lol! Silly!

KB: But during counseling, the elders of her church asked me when I proposed and I said it wasn’t our culture. That’s why I knocked.

DB: Hahahaha

KB: Lol… They asked me to ask her in front of them again

DB: Oh, no! Lol

KB: Well, I wanted to get married and loved her so I sure as hell did

DB: Smh! What was going through your mind, 4 days to your marriage/wedding ceremony?

KB: I was tensed. And the whole idea of forever and ever with one person scared me a bit

DB: Hmmm!

KB: There was no turning back in my opinion. And that finality was a bit unsettling though I was sure I wanted to be with her

DB: That’s nice. Would she still be your choice of a wife in the next world?

KB: Maybe. Yeah. I would marry her again. Let’s peg it at 80% yes I would

DB: How about the 20%? What does it consist?

KB: Well, some changes after marriage. Not super bad changes. Because complaining about it makes me feel like the devil. I am a Christian and all but mehn, her religiousness and certain ideas about God’s expectations of us is a bit extreme now.

DB: Lol! Boi!

KB: Zero make up, no trousers, no wings or weaves. No nail polish etc. You know the works. Not to be vain, but a little here and a little there doesn’t hurt.

DB: I am trying to imagine the scene

KB: But well, attitude-wise she is a better person than she was when I married her.

DB: I see

KB: Not that she was bad or anything. But she is humbler and less likely to pick a fight etc.

DB: Lol

KB: It’s been more peaceful. She worries less

DB: Then, it’s Christmas every day at home then? I mean, without the outward exteriors

KB: Yeah. She does her part as a wife. She is wonderful with the kids and to me

DB: Have you cheated on your wife before? If yes, why did you cheat? If no, do you see yourself cheating on her sooner or later – in your marriage?

KB: Not after marriage. I kissed a couple of girls when I was dating her though, but that was it. Just a kiss. In both cases

DB: Smh! Typical! Lol! How do you feel any time you set your eyes on her?

KB: I feel lucky to have her. She has been very supportive and loyal. Loving too

DB: I am happy for you. If you had to compose your own new vows to her, what would you say?

KB: I met a girl and fell in love with her. And she has blossomed into a wonderful woman and I am proud to and privileged to have her by me and as the mother of my gang. That, I love her and will always do right by her.

DB: Awwww!

KB: Not very poetic but that would be the skeleton of my vows. I should text that to her tomorrow in the course of the day.

DB: I really appreciate your candor.

KB: It was nice chatting.

DB: It was nice chatting with you

KB: Have a great day.

DB: All the very best with the applications too

KB: Thanks.

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