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She still text her ex

Good evening bro Dave, please keep me anonymous. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for 5 years now. I cheated on her in a year time. I pleaded with her and she forgave me. She also cheated on me in our second year,she pleaded and I forgave her and we promised each other not to commit that again. I consulted a councilor and she told me both of us should cease any form of communication with the third parties. I told her and she agreed. I can’t recall when last I communicated with the lady that I cheated with. I don’t even know her where about. She even sent me a friend request and I declined.

But my lady once a while, communicates with the guy.I have seen their WhatsApp chat and although it wasn’t harmful, I just don’t like the idea. The guy has married for about two years now. I have forgotten about what happened but whenever I see their chat; it just brings back those memories and pains that I went through when my lady confessed to me. I have told her about it last week when I visited her and saw their chat.

I complained about it, she told me she can’t do that because in this world, you don’t actually know who will help you so I should leave her alone. Bro, my problem is, am I over reacting or I’m doing the right thing. We have been moving on smoothly after those cheating saga. Do you think I should worry about this?

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