She is my energy drink

I’m sitting on my bed, reading your timeline and laughing. I don’t share this story much but I want to share it with you. Good evening, seven years ago in June, my car was at the mechanic’s. I was using public transport. I closed from work one day and was walking to my house from the junction and I was listening to radio. Dave, I saw my wife 50 meters ahead.
She was also walking the same path. I didn’t know who she was at the time but one thing caught my attention. A lot of cars that got where she was would slow down and try to chat with her. They were mostly me in their private cars. She would pause, say something back to them and they drive away. Guys walking pass her would have to look. That kind of thing we do when something looks good.

To be frank, I had been observing her since I took notice of what was happening. Because of that, I was walking so fast to get to where she had reached so I could have a look. I got to where she was and I was shy. I couldn’t turn to look. I walked ahead and after a few seconds, I heard “excuse me sir, hello”. She was referring to me. I stopped and turned to have a look at her. I liked what I saw. I smiled and said me? She said “Yes, didn’t you see a beautiful woman walking by you? You didn’t even say hello to me”.
I laughed and said hello beautiful woman. She asked where I was going. I replied, home and she told me she was also going to her house. While we walked, she gave me directions to her house. She asked me to give mine. Before we got to the place, and we had to go our separate ways, we exchanged phone numbers. She told me to call because she will be expecting my call.

I love my wife so much because she brought order into my life, my finances, priorities and goals. She puts up a strong front when dealing with me when it comes to responsibilities. Of course, she is an independent woman who has been tackling a lot of what life has been throwing at her and our family. But she agreed to marry me for a reason. She thinks having me in her corner is a great bond. She makes me realize she needs me.
I need her too Dave. She is my rock, friend and energy drink. The best partner I have had in any venture is the relationship I have with my wife. I am glad she gave me daughters because all her knowledge and skills shouldn’t go waste. My wife has made me a better version of myself. I am proud of her and myself. We have to marry well. I followed beauty but I found something else I preferred than beauty. I was just lucky to have found both in one woman.

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