She inspires the better version of me

His love for his wife is real; the real type that raises his vibration. Normally, a man wouldn’t walk around at a high level of awareness, but his wife triggers that in him because she’s right for him. He’s become a better version of himself. True love is that physical, spiritual and mental transforming. – DBM


AS: I’m ready for your 12 questions now or forever hold my peace. Hehehehehe. Hope u doing well bro.

David Bondze (DB): Eish, why am I now seeing this? I am doing alright. My inbox has been full with messages, I am just seeing yours. How are you?

AS: Abi you decided not to see. Lol. I’m good bro. As for my story, it’s a whole book oo. But I can answer your 12 questions honestly.

DB: I would love to engage you in the 12 questions. When would be appropriate for you?

AS: Let me know your schedule. I’m on break now so no proper work. Lol. I’m free now anyway.

DB: How old are you?

AS: 40. I just hit the mark.

DB: Oh, wow! Congrats! And come to think of the fact that – you don’t even look it. You look good on you.

AS: Hahaha. It’s God’s grace. And trying to stay healthy.

DB: That’s great. How did you meet your wife?

AS: We met during a training.

DB: I see. What about her made her stand out and not blend in?

AS: She looked calm but willing to do well. I didn’t think initially it would end up in marriage but it worked out.

DB: Hmmm!

AS: I knew her for over 5 years before we got married.

DB: Oh, ok. At what point did you realize that – you were that much into her?

AS: After 3 years. Lol. But certain circumstances didn’t allow us to marry early.

DB: You mind me asking about the circumstances?

AS: She had to work small before, and the death of a parent changed date too. You know my frequent travels also couldn’t make us settle on a specific date. She did all the planning while I was away.

DB: Interesting! How long did you date?

AS: 7 years. She’d say 4 or 5 hehehe. The first 3 years were just ‘try your luck’ kinda stuff.

DB: I can imagine. Smh! Were you into premarital sex with her, and or with other ladies?

AS: Yep. She knew one of my girlfriends too oo. We were in different towns so she knew I was being naughty small.

DB: Lol!

AS: She took me serious when I changed. Lol

DB: Lol! When did you change? I mean to ask, DO YOU EVEN CHANGE?

AS: Hahaha. I showed commitment to our relationship. I spent more time with her, introduced her to family etc.

DB: Ok. That’s sweet. How did you propose marriage?

AS: Strange proposal oo. We had planned to go out on her birthday, so she was in the bathroom and I was in bed. She came out and there I was with a ring. Lol. She was shocked. She screamed and went out to tell her friends who lived next door… Hahaha. We had been planning and talking about marriage but no official proposal had been done till then.

DB: Hahahaha! Awwww! Why can’t I stop smiling?

AS: I guess she thought I’d just let it pass like that. Abi we were already doing the thing. Hahaha.

DB: Lol! But I love your approach. It’s romantic.

AS: I’m sure she wouldn’t have complained if I hadn’t. Let me tell you a secret. Hope people don’t repeat it.

DB: I’m all ears. Lol!

AS: I paid her knocking fee a few days before our engagement.

DB: Oh, ok. Interesting.

AS: Her father knew me and had given me the list etc.

DB: I see.

AS: One of her sisters’ overhead, and then planned to fine me heavily on the day oo.

DB: Lol! Oh, wow! Really?

AS: I quickly had to organize proper asking of hand in marriage.

DB: Lol! Smh! What was going through your mind, 4 days to your marriage/wedding ceremony?

AS: I was calm. We had almost 95% of the stuffs ready. I was only wondering what sort of day it would be; the beginning of happiness because that’s what I’d known or change in colors.

DB: Hmmm!

AS: You know I’m a free styler. I love life.

DB: Yeah! Would she still be your choice of a wife in the next world?

AS: Sure. And the next.

DB: Awwww! Have you cheated on your wife before? If yes, why did you cheat? If no, do you see yourself cheating on her sooner or later – in your marriage?

AS: I have unfortunately. Why? I don’t have a tangible reason but I did.

DB: I see. How do you feel any time you set your eyes on her?

AS: Hahaha. Feel? It can only be a feeling. Words can’t express it. Even when we video chat I want to… And seeing with eyes. Hahaha. I love her deeply and above anything else.

DB: Hahahahah. Awww! Herrrrr, but I didn’t know you were this lovely.

AS: Yeah. I’m hard on the outside but sweet inside.

DB: If you had to compose your own new vows to her, what would you say?

AS: Mmmmmm. I’m not a poet ooo. I’d let her know that she can count on my love and support at all times, in any kinda situation, even at the peril of my life.

DB: Hmmm! I don’t do this in this segment, but would love for you to leave your last words with/to all the guys reading our chats.

AS: Okay. Marriage is lovely thing but needs to be worked at. You can’t have all you want in one woman but you can bring her to the standard that would suit your requirements. Trust and communication should be key and don’t pretend to be who you’re not. Respect your wife or partner and be quick to apologize for doing wrong. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do it again…. But when you’re caught giving attention to another woman, please close that chapter. If you want to open a new one, which is not advisable, don’t be caught. Second chances don’t come easy.

Your partner should be your friend.

DB: Hmmmm!

AS: If you don’t share a hobby or can’t have a conversation for an hour alone, then there are issues.

DB: I see. Very thoughtful words. I really appreciate your candor.

AS: I told you I’d be honest abi? I don’t open up much but thought it’d be worth sharing.

DB: I have learnt from our chat, and I am grateful.

AS: You are welcome bro. Thank you for having me.

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