She broke my home

I have a very sad story pertaining women being our own enemies. There is this lady my husband introduced to me in 2017 as his God father’s daughter and his work colleague. I welcomed her as a sister and a friend and she could come to my house for visits, we could chat and share ideas on issues. I pretended she was an angel and I trusted her so much and started confining in her.

This particular lady started back lashing me to my husband and other people around us and creating issues for me. She even sent anonymous messages to herself, claiming it was me just to make my issues worst.
She totally created issues between my husband and even started sleeping with him in the name of consoling because my husband by then was so confused and vulnerable. It didn’t end there, they had a child in 2018 and she succeeded in crushing my marriage and took over everything in my house.

I got frustrated along the line and gave up on my marriage. I cried every day and night and became a bitter person and finally gave up. I know she thinks she is free because she now has two kids for my husband but I want her to know that she is still my prayer point, let say her name is KK. Please know that I have not forgiven you.

She will continue to suffer in this life. I pray karma visits her and her wicked mother who is an accomplice and always pretend she knows nothing about it.
She is the only child of her mother and she is her number one chair leader. May all the tears she ever caused me and my kids bounce back to her and her mother and her two kids. She is now hiding from her friends and family. She doesn’t even want people to know she has given birth but I want her to know that she can’t hide forever.

KK, whatever you do on earth will follow you. I pray mother earth makes you the most miserable woman to ever live. I pray you become useless because you are already a cursed child living the same live your wicked mother live. May any tears from me and my innocent kids be the fire you will always walk on earth. You can even post your kids on social media because you chased a fellow woman out of her marital home to get a man. Shames on you, you always have a rosary on your body meanwhile you are the devil himself.

KK you will continue to hide from your friends and even your family. You and your mother pretending to be angels and good people will catch up with you soon. You even still go to church and preach about giving and even sharing sick people on Facebook, encouraging people to donate when in actual fact, you are very dark and evil more than Jezebel.

I can go on and on, but let leave it here because she will soon reap whatever she sown. Thanks very much and I pray you share my story to let women know that we are actually our own enemies and also for others to learn from it.
I will never forgive her till the end of time. I know very well she will read for her conscience to deal with her.

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