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Good morning David, trust all is good. I have been reading about ladies complaining about how unsatisfied they are with their husbands in the bedroom because they don’t last.

From personal experience, a lot of factors contribute to that.

First of all, is everything alright between them? If your woman nags and would bring up “sins” you have committed as soon as you make moves, it can kill your fire. Some women use sex to blackmail men, as a bargaining chip and in the end, makes you feel like they are doing you a favour.

Offensive smell. Dave, it will surprise you to know how many nice women are walking about with bad smell from the “V region”.

Strangely, some of them expect foreplay which involves licking. Sometimes you ask yourself whether they are not aware “there” stinks. Very few guys can enjoy sex with a lady with a foul-smelling region.

Fact is, most of these STIs are treatable and don’t cost much to treat them but some of these ladies will still come for sex after having politely told them that there’s an issue with the way they smell.

So in some cases, men just wouldn’t last because of the environmental factors, not because they can’t last.

Sex is really not what we see in movies. Sex is life and life is real. There are good days and bad days. If you maintain a regular sex partner, you would come to realize that there are days when performance just tops and those days when it just didn’t go well.

How your woman reacts on those bad days can have a psychological effect on you and can affect your subsequent performance. Some women just know how to make you feel good, even in your low moments.

Such women get rewarded with good sexual performance while the others complain.

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