Sexual restrictions

Good morning Dave, just yesterday morning Tuesday, my wife told me to only have sex with her once, meaning if I “cum” that ends it.

I shouldn’t go beyond one because she can’t withstand it. The truth of the matter is that I hardly “cum”. She can have an orgasm like three times before I cum.

I needed a sex addict woman. Someone who can demand for sex any moment, anytime, anywhere in our room but my wife is the opposite. My wife tells me she’s proud of me and enjoys every bit of what I give her sexually but I don’t get satisfied, Dave.

She fears dawn sex because that can make her very weak for the whole day. She squirts yesterday morning and later told me to sex her once. What do I do because I am a sex maniac and my wife isn’t?

Cheating is also not my portion and not part of the plans.

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